What Kind of Gambler Are You?

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There are several gambling options available in the world, which include casino games, sports gambling, lottery, and just regular challenging bets. With so many choices available for gambling, the people also make their choices in different ways which differ their gambling hobbies and make them different types of ไทย คา สิ โน gamblers. Lets find out what kind of gambler you are.

Professional Gambler

Poker players spend time playing on tables for hours. Sometimes they do it with money, the rest of the time they are just playing the game because they are addicted to the infinite chances of winnings it offers. They are addicted to the game not just because it is offering them money, but also because of it allows various strategies to beat the opponents either by having a strong hand or by playing a simple bluff. All of their moves are calculated and does not totally rely upon the lucky last card. It requires a high amount of patience to gamble while managing the money. The professional gamblers are not usually addicts and only fish the opportunities which beats the odds and bring the win to their favor.

Social Gambler

Social Gamblers

There are casual social gamblers and serious social gamblers. The casual social gamblers are those who are in for a party. They visit the gambling games because they are interested in meeting like minded people or just to relax during the weekend. They do not fall in the trap of gambling addiction and know when to stop. They take gambling as a recreational activity only to be active socially and play around with the money a little bit. They are not regular to casinos and only gamble when they feel like. The serious social gamblers take gambling as their only source of entertainment. Even though they hand around casinos more often, they are not addicted to gambling either. They can control their habit and keep their finance and career as the first priority. They might also be the sanest gamblers among the regular gamblers who are heavily addicted.

Compulsive Gamblers

As gamblers who are addicted to gambling fall under this category and have no near hopes of recovering from their illness. They have no control over their gambling urges and often land themselves in financial and personal troubles for regular gambling. They might also suffer from health issues during their mental illness. They can be so much into their habit of gambling that they forget to take care of their other habits and invite other addictions like alchoholism and drug abuse. They also find it hard to carry their regular life properly and face trouble managing their job and family. After some time, they only become more and more disconnected from their environment and take the means of stealing and cheating their friends and family to cover up their addiction. The major symptoms that have been found in compulsive gamblers include emotional unstability, alchoholism, poor social adaptability, and personality disorders.

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